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Everything You Need To Know About Breathalyzer

Posted by Admin on August, 31, 2022

A breathalyzer is an instrument that measures the alcohol content in a person’s bloodstream. It is used by police officers on suspected people to avoid accidents on the road due to drunk driving. This modern equipment is very much required nowadays with so many accidents taking place daily only due to the consumption of alcohol. This blood alcohol test is also called a “preliminary breath test” which gives faster results but it only gives an approximate measure of alcohol present. Since the introduction of early breathalyzers in 1930, there have been enormous advances in breath testing technology. A breathalyzer is one such modern piece of equipment which is extremely popular these days.

How does a breathalyzer work?

Alcohol, also known as ethanol, is the major ingredient of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and whiskey. When you consume an alcoholic drink, firstly it goes into your stomach and small intestine. Then it is absorbed into your bloodstream and processed by the liver. The blood carries the alcohol through the body, brain and lungs. This is the reason alcohol content can be measured while exhaling it when you breathe. The accuracy of this test depends on the sample of breath being deep lung air (alveolar air).

As the driver breathes out, the device continuously monitors the expired air using an electrochemical fluid cell to produce an electric current due to a chemical reaction that converts alcohol into acetic acid. A breathalyzer contains an anode (negatively charged electrode) and a cathode (positively charged electrode). When you blow into a breathalyzer, the ethanol in your breath reacts with water from the air at the anode and is oxidized to form acetic acid just like in vinegar.

The concentration of ethanol elevates as expiration continues, and when the level of ethanol stabilises, the sample of breath is analysed. This ensures accuracy in alcohol readings and means that the volume of air each person has to blow will depend on how large his or her lungs are. Electrochemical Fuel cell technology is particularly suitable for portable alcohol screening devices, due to the small size of the cells and the low power requirements of the technology. Different models both fixed and portable, are available in the market with different features. But in each device, the driver has to blow into the mouthpiece of a breathalyzer to detect the alcohol content.

Multiple Use Breathalyzer: It works on the same principle as the normal breathalyzer. It does not directly measure the alcohol content in the blood but it is a tool for approximating the alcohol content in the air that is exhaled. This handheld device is simple to use with a rapid response that can be used multiple times with accuracy. These are not the best option in today’s world of social distancing and for other covid protocols. Multi-use breathalyzer can cause a spread of coronavirus through particles or droplets. So, it is not advisable to use this type in the present scenario. Hence, single-use or disposable breathalyzers are best as per the situation.

Single Use Breathalyzer: The concept of single-use breathalyzers has become popular after the pandemic situation as using the same instrument for two or more people has worsened so the manufacturers have come up with the brilliant idea of Single Use Breathalyzers.

It is a one-time use device which has been designed with cutting-edge technology. It quickly confirms the alcohol level of a person and has 4 units of blood alcohol consumption readings. These small Single Use Breathalysers are specially designed to fit into the pocket or a purse easily. It is typically a tube whose seal has to be opened by breaking both ends of the tube containing crystals that change colour when air is to be blown into it in the presence of alcohol. It should be disposed of after use. This is available with a breathalyzer manufacturer in Canada due to high demand after the Covid-19 situation.

The demand for breathalyzers is quite high because as per the latest fact impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada. The top priority of the government of Canada is to keep their residents safe on the roads. The officials are authorised for mandatory alcohol screening on the spot in case of any accidents or general checking. A roadside breath sample through a breathalyzer is the key evidence in many court cases. One should never get behind the wheel after having a few alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, most people make mistakes and impaired drinking remains a serious problem across the country.

This new technology has the potential to save thousands of lives not only in Canada but all across the globe. As a result, the breathalyzer is widely manufactured everywhere but there are some leading Breathalyzer Manufacturers in Canada also. All you need to do is contact a reputable breathalyzer manufacturer in Canada who ensures to supply the latest models of breathalyzer that can be proved to be effective while conducting the breath alcohol test.

The popularity of breathalyzer manufacturers in Canada is due to the following reasons-

  • They have a state-of-the-art infrastructural unit with all necessary machinery required for manufacturing quality products.
  • They are backed by a team of Detroit professionals, which have helped them in every stage of the business.
  • They have a separate team who is responsible for manufacturing, quality inspection, packaging, and delivery of the products.
  • They also offer customized packaging solutions to the client's specifications and requirements.
  • They provide an excellent range of quality breathalyzers at affordable prices.

Final thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that these modern instruments will seriously advance road safety for the general public by preventing drunk drivers from starting their vehicles. Due to the threat of being caught these types of drivers will be discouraged to drive after having a drink. Although these devices are not fully reliable, they are extremely useful in preliminary diagnosis.

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