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Electronic Personal Breathalyzers With Electrochemical Sensor

The Elite APC 80 Breathalyzer is a breathalyser with electrochemical sensor which ensures accurate and reliable results. The best technology on the market used by the police force. It offers among other things, a tests counter and when the legal limit is reached, the screen turns red and an audible alarm will sound.

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The APC-90 Breathalyzer is a breathalyzer with a premium electrochemical sensor of the highest quality and ensuring reliable and accurate results. The best technology on the market used by police force. The APC-90 has been recognized as the most reliable device in a Swedish magazine destined for good buys. It has among other

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The i Alco Supreme is a breathalyzer that connects via Bluetooth to 4.3 version of Android phones and tablets and newer versions as well as those of Apple brand (iPhone and iPad) iOS 7 and newer versions. The i Alco Supreme allows you to view your alcohol blood level on the screen of your favorite device in just seconds!

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