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Electronic Personal Breathalyzers With Semi-Conductor Sensor

  • Alco Control Mini

    The Alco Control Mini is a breathalyser with electrochemical sensor which gives a reading of 2 decimals. It is small, compact, easy to use and low cost.

  • Alco Mini 08
    The Alco Mini 08 is a breathalyser with electrochemical sensor which gives a reading of 2 decimals. It is small, compact stylish and has a very attractive blue screen. Moreover, its mouthpiece is collapsible. It offers excellent value for

Electronic Personal Breathalyzers With Electrochemical Sensor

Multiple Use Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is n instrument that measures the alcohol content in a person’s blood stream. It is done so as to avoid accidents on the road due to drink driving. It is conducted as a “field sobriety test” by the officers and the test is called “preliminary breath test” or “preliminary alcohol screening”. It is a handheld unit which makes use of the electrochemical platinum fuel cell.

The Multiple Use Breathalyzer works on the same principle as the normal breathalyzer. It does not directly measure the alcohol content in the blood but it examines the alcohol content in the air that is exhaled. It only gives an approximate measure of alcohol present.


Enterprise Breathalyzers

  • AQ-08 PRO
    An ideal model for companies that wish to test their employees or organize corporate events from 30 to 50 people; Small licensed establishments or consumers who want a high-end model. It is certified by the prestigious DOT (Department of
  • AQ-08 Pro Plus

    Sizes available : 6.6 cm x 12.5 cm x ..

    Raw Material Used : : N/A

    Special Features : Electrochemical sens..

    Applications : N/A

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Single-Use breathalyzers

The breathalyzer is an instrument which measures the amount of alcohol a person has consumed. It does not directly measure the blood but it analyzes the breath of a person. It is very much required nowadays with so many accidents taking place daily only due to the consumption of alcohol. The pandemic situation has worsened so the administration has come up with the idea of Single Use Breathalyzers.

It is a onetime use device which has cutting edge technology. It very quickly confirms the alcohol level of a person. It has 4 units of BAC or blood alcohol consumption readings. The Single Use Breathalysers are small and trim, designed to fit into the pocket or a purse. It is basically a tube whose seal has to be opened by breaking both ends of the tube and air is to be blown into it. It can be disposed after use.


Anti-Fatigue Devices

It is first advisable to find out what exactly is fatigue. Fatigue is any feeling where the body gets tired and drained of all energy. Sometimes this phenomenon is gradual sometimes it is sudden. This feeling of tiredness is normal after a period of prolonged exercise but if it happens for no apparent reason at all then a doctor must be consulted following which he will conduct some tests to ascertain the actual underlying conditions.

There are devices like the SOS Fatigue and the SOS Fatigue Pro anti sleep headset which are tools or Anti Fatigue Devices which aid in the prevention of falling asleep so that one remains alert, wide awake and full of concentration. When a driver is falling asleep an alarm will go off when the driver is dozing off with his or head tilting. The alarm will either only vibrate or ring or if set accordingly both will happen simultaneously.


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