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Multiple Use Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is n instrument that measures the alcohol content in a person’s blood stream. It is done so as to avoid accidents on the road due to drink driving. It is conducted as a “field sobriety test” by the officers and the test is called “preliminary breath test” or “preliminary alcohol screening”. It is a handheld unit which makes use of the electrochemical platinum fuel cell.

The Multiple Use Breathalyzer works on the same principle as the normal breathalyzer. It does not directly measure the alcohol content in the blood but it examines the alcohol content in the air that is exhaled. It only gives an approximate measure of alcohol present.


  • Breathalyzer

    Material : Plastic

    Application : Clinical Use

  • Disposable Breathalyzer

    Road accidents happen every day all around the world. These road accidents happen sometimes due to drowsiness while at other times it is due to excessive alcohol consumption. Every country has its own set of laws to regulate drink driving to

  • Alcoobar

    Alcoobar is a coin-operated breath alcohol tester designed for public use in bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs or any other places where alcohol is served or consumed. The device can also be used without putting any