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Why To Use A Disposable Breathalyzer?

Posted by Admin on August, 10, 2021

A disposable breathalyzeror simply a breathalyzeris a device that is used for examining and estimating the amount of alcohol present in a person’s bloodstream. Other uses of such a device include detecting the presence of viruses or certain diseases in a person’s body.The first instrument that was used for searching alcohol traces dates back to 1927.

In the year 1927 a person named Emil Bogen first used a football bladder for collecting air in it. Later he examined this air to find out about the traces of alcohol present in it.During a case in England a police surgeon named Dr. Gorksy had asked one of the suspects to use his breath for inflating a football bladder.

This test helped Dr Gorksy to prove in the court of law that the suspect was drunk. In the same year a chemist named William Duncan McNally based in Chicago had created the breathalyzer for testing about the alcohol consumption by a person. In this device he used certain chemicals moving through water and changing their colors.

However, Emil Bogen was not the first person who did such a test. In the year 1874 Sir Francis E. Anstie discovered that there were little amounts of alcohol present in the human breathe. Later another device known as the drunkometer was developed in Indiana University School of Medicine by Rolla Neil Harger.

A breathalyzer is basically responsible for oxidizing the ethanol that is present in the breath of a person to acetic acid at the anode. And the oxygen from the atmosphere is reduced at the cathode. A microcontroller is used along with this reaction to estimate the overall blood alcohol content or BAC in the blood stream of a person.

The breath analyzing devices that are available in the market nowadays do not measure the alcohol content in the blood of a person directly.

These devices are responsible for measuring the blood alcohol content or BAC in one’s breath.

Breathalyzers are basically of two types:

  • Small hand held breathalyzers that also include the disposable breathalyzer: These devices can accurately measure the BAC and can be used for arresting a person.
  • Large Breathalyzers: Such devices are used mostly in Police stations and are sometimes also considered vital for producing evidence in the court of law.

Disposable Breathalyzer Suppliers have designed their products keeping in mind about the hundreds of road accidents that happen every single day around the whole world. Most of these accidents can be avoided if the person driving the vehicle is not drowsy or drunk due to excess consumption of alcohol. Most countries have designed stricter laws in order to regulate crimes due to drink and driving that might even lead to fatality.

The disposable breathalyzers are a new invention in this market and are these are being used by more number of cops nowadays. Such devices are considered to be very effective in conducting the field sobriety tests. These breathalyzers are made for just one time use and hence adding disposable to their name. There are four levels of BAC in such a device for examining and estimating the alcohol presence in one’s breath

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